Build self-healing Web3 apps under 5 minutes - no-code, free & AI-driven!

Build, Validate and Deploy secure Web3 applications without writing any code!

Why Accelchain?

Deploy Web3 apps in minutes

Web3 app development lifecycle is 8-10 times faster.

AI enabled

Our Generative AI will build your complete app from your use case described in simple words

Create custom solutions

Our Generative AI can build any custom app from just the use case

Coming next

Build secure Web3 apps

Performs autonomous security audits of Web3 apps and suggests fixes

Coming soon

Functional testing​

Auto-generates functional test cases, executes them, and auto-fixes errors

Coming soon

Design optimal Web3 apps

Saves cost by optimizing gas usage

Coming soon

Web3 apps in 3 simple steps !

Choose your template

Add or Delete modules

Deploy on any chain

Web Edition

Quick and easy Web3 app design from the convenience of your browser

NPM Edition

Powerful command line interface that simplifies creation and deployment of your Web3 apps

Unlimited possibilities to build anything

Deploy to any chain you like

Continuously adding support for the most in-demand chains.

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